Drake Coatings, Inc.
Drake Coatings, Inc. — We offer in house media blasting and can handle parts up to 20' long by 8' high and 8' wide in house!

Welcome to Drake Coatings, Inc.

DCI is a custom powder coating shop located outside Charlotte, N.C. that provides superior service and quality to individual and industrial applications.

With hundreds of colors and textures to suit your needs, and the equipment and facilities to handle large jobs, let Drake Coatings be your choice for your finishing needs.

Don't let this happen to you!

Bad powder job photo 2 Bad powder job photo 1

These are examples of aluminum railings that were prepped incorrectly by our competitors. As you can see, the powder did not adhere to the aluminum and flaked off after only 3 months of outdoor exposure. We stripped these railings and recoated them correctly.

Bad powder job photo 2 Bad powder job photo 1

This is an example of a part that was only washed for its prep. The part is cut with a laser which leaves a thin scale on all of the cut edges. This scale must be removed prior to coating otherwise any impact will cause the scale to let go as well as the powder. You can see in the first picture that once the scale starts coming off the powder will come with it. Drake Coatings removes this type of scale as well as scale left from welding by mechanical abrasion.(ie blasting) This insures that the powder will adhere to the base metal not the scale and last without falling off. You can clearly see the metallic scale on the back of the large piece in the second picture as well as the two smaller pieces above it. The two top pieces show the powder side of the flakes.

Tom's tips

Before dropping off your parts:

  1. Create an inventory list and bring it with your parts. It also helps to list them by color. This will also help us with generating a price quote.
  2. If you are planning a project that will use both powder and liquid on the same unit, it is always best to pick the powder color first. It is easier to match the liquid to the powder rather than vice versa. We can spray a test panel for you take to the paint store when trying to make a match.
  3. Using masking tape or duct tape, mark any areas or places that you do not want blasted or coated.

Before picking up your parts:

  1. Bring old blankets/towels when picking up your completed parts. These can be used to protect the pieces during transport. Old carpet cut into small pieces also works well if you fold them over with the carpet exposed on both sides.